Ubisoft announced today that The Crew’s hybrid DLC/combo pack Wild Run will be getting its first major patch since its launch back in November.

In the January patch, the game will get a new mode entitled Speed Trap which places five different speed traps across a maps and it tracks how quickly players can hit the five gates in a three minute time period.

In the new Photo Mode, players can adjust saturation, exposure, brightness, and motion blur. Weather and time of day are also adjustable and damage or mud can be added to the vehicles.

Finally “The Summit” will add a monthly bonus where players can try to win an exclusive vehicle. The chances to win the vehicle are based on players performances over the last week of the month.

Full Patch details are below.


  • Speed Trap challenge:
    This new game feature will be introduced during “The Summit” on January 25.
    In a Speed Trap challenge, a player must find the best path to pass the radar points with the maximum speed. The final score is the player’s average speed from all the radar points.
    More details about this new feature will be shared very soon!
  • Photo mode
    This new game feature allows players to take in-game screenshots. Photo mode can be activated anywhere in FreeDrive, with access to various menus and options.
    For more information, check out our Photo mode news.
  • “The Summit” monthly reward bonus
    During “The Summit,” players can try winning an exclusive vehicle. Chances of winning this vehicle depend on your performances during the last week of the month.
    With this upcoming patch, we are introducing a new change that will add a bonus chance on top of your performance during “The Summit.”

    • Participation qualifiers throughout the month will award players with a +5% bonus chance of winning the exclusive vehicle for the month.
    • This +5% bonus will be granted whether you achieve bronze, silver, gold, or platinum medals in any qualifier.


  • Monster Trucks gameplay
    Monster trucks have received several adjustments to improve gameplay mechanics during the monster arena challenges. New tricks and combos have been introduced for even more fun, and the scoring system has been tuned as well.
  • Crew time attack missions
    The forced crew missions in qualifiers and “The Summit” can also now be launched in a crew of two or three players.
  • Drift missions
    The scoring system has been reworked during drift missions. Players who are able to perform long drifts will now be rewarded with even more points.
  • Improved handling for several vehicles
    • 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT8 FULL STOCK/STREET/DIRT
    • Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan 1967 FULL STOCK/STREET/PERF/CIRCUIT
    • Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione FULL STOCK/PERF/CIRCUIT
    • Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 FULL STOCK/PERF/CIRCUIT
    • 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray FULL STOCK/PERF
    • 2013 Chrysler 300 SRT8 FULL STOCK/STREET


  • Improved handling when using driving wheels, manual gearbox and clutch.
  • Fixed the spawning location of vehicles in some missions.

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