Microsoft’s Director of Program Management Mike Ybarra has teased the Xbox One’s next Preview update coming in the next week.

Answering questions on Twitter, Ybarra was tight-lipped about the contents of a possible update, but very specifically stated that owners should keep an eye out for something next week.

This could refer to an announcement or an update itself, but it’s as good a confirmation as any that Microsoft is getting back into the swing of meaningful monthly updates after the Christmas/New Years break.

Many fans are speculating that the update may have something to do with Cortana integration to the Xbox One, which was previously slated for a 2015 Preview release until it was delayed to early 2016.

Though it remains a rumour, it holds a bit of weight given Microsoft’s prediction of an early 2016 release – furthermore, we saw a prototype leaked back in October.

The chief editor of, who has made more than a few Preview predictions in the past, also believes that the next update will contain the long-awaited Cortana integration, sending out a message via Xbox One telling users to prepare for its arrival.

Given it’s all rumour, this should absolutely be taken with a grain of salt, but it stands that Cortana arriving in the next update is definitely a strong possibility.

Other updates Xbox One owners have been asking for include a re-shuffle of elements within the UI – such as the Store and My Games and Apps tab – DVR functionality for TV, and being able to see who’s in a party before joining (which is already confirmed for an upcoming update)

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