Not too long ago Microsoft stated they would no longer be issuing sales numbers for their premier console. Thanks to a few other statistics however, we now know Xbox One sales are around 18 million.

Last week Microsoft announced Windows 10 is currently active on 200 million devices. When investigating this number, noted Microsoft analyst Mary Jo Foley found out just what made up that 200 million. Speaking of her findings in an interview on Windows Weekly (the discussion of Xbox One starts around 8:30), Foley explained “a source” had told her the number was made up of over 180 million PC’s, over a million Window’s 10 phones, and then roughly 18 million Xbox Ones.

Further explaining just what is meant by “active,” Foley detailed that it accounts for any Windows 10 devices used within the last 28 days. While it is likely there are at least some people out there that haven’t turned on their Xbox Ones in the past month, it’s fair to say 18 million is a pretty good estimate.

Last week Sony announced PS4 sales were just short of 36 million worldwide after 5.7 million were sold just over the holidays alone. Even if it appears Xbox Ones are falling behind, it is worth noting that both consoles are doing remarkably well. Are you one of the at least 18 million Xbox One owners out there? Let us know in the comments.

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