The year is 1980, approximately.  The house you find yourself in has been here for generations upon generations.  Many of the families who have lived here over the centuries have lived quite peacefully while other families have met horrific and brutal deaths.  Navigate your way through the long corridors of the home, explore the dark corners of each seemingly empty room, and try not to get lost in this endless house of halls and doors.  Your mind will be filled with memories that aren’t yours, images, snapshots of the families that once called this place home.  Memory by fragmented memory, you will learn the secrets that haunt this house, and the tragedies that have painted the walls.

“Each death has its visage.  Will you dare look into its eyes?”

Sad Square Studio is looking forward to the release of their psychological thriller Visage so much that they’ve provided over ten minutes of in-game alpha footage for the world to enjoy.  It serves as an extended trailer, showcasing the immaculate detail in the environment surrounding the first person perspective as the player makes their way through the quiet house.  Well, it’s only quiet until a door slams behind you, or you hear a girl crying just out of you periphery.

Founder and co-founder Jonathan Vallières and Jonathan Gagné founded the studio back in January of 2015. They then started a Kickstarter to fund the game’s development within the same month.  February 8th, 2016, they reached their goal.  And as of the 10th, they announced that Visage will be available on the XBox One and Playstation4, as well as PC.  Their hope for this game is to instill fear into their players without employing jump scares to do the job for them.

Check out the spine-stiffening gameplay trailer below.

Visage has no official release date, but it is expected to be delivered by January 2017.

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