The upcoming second expansion pack “The White March part 2” is on its way for Pillars of Eternity. With it, the main game will also receive the 3.0 update which includes new difficulties, story and quests. For people looking for a cinematic experience, there will be the ‘Story Time’ mode which drastically reduces difficulty. Meanwhile, hardcore players can play an enhanced hard mode with ‘Knockout Injuries’ that severely impair characters after being downed or knocked out.

In terms of ability changes: The Athletic and Survival skills directly impact the ability for characters to heal in the middle of battle and to rest outdoors and in the wilderness. Lastly, due to the changes in enemies and additions from the DLC, the beastiary will be reorganized and optimized along with the action bar.

Pillars of Eternity: The White March part 2 will be arriving for all versions of the base game on February 16th.

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