Published on the official Tekken channel, Namco Bandai have presented footage showing off the many changes in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution including systems, characters and alternate costumes. There is also a bunch of screenshots showing off some of these zany costumes at the bottom.

The trailer shows off the previously announced Akuma (Gouki) and Nina Williams in action. Nina returns mostly untouched while Akuma comes into the game with the EX system which allows him to do his patented Raging Demon and Messatsu Gou Hadou from Street Fighter 4. Furthermore, the new system in place brings in a ‘comeback mechanic’ which allows severely weakened foes to still be able to pull it back and win the match. This system enables characters to get stronger the closer they are to losing their entire health bar.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution still doesn’t have an exact release date for the West, nor has it received any word on a console release. That said, you can expect to see even more Tekken 7: Fated Retribution gameplay later on in the year in the summer time. At the very least in the upcoming EVO.


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