The next event for Destiny, Crimson Days, goes live in just a few hours.

February 9th at 10am PST / 1pm EST, the Crimson Days event launches. The event will feature an all new PvP mode, available until February 16th. The new mode is a 2v2 Elimination, so make sure to watch your partner’s six. To ensure victory, you must win five rounds against the enemy team.

Even if you lose your team mate, though, don’t worry too much. Broken Heart is then enabled, where you will be quicker on the draw, and heal from your battle wounds faster. The Broken Heart buff lasts until your fallen team mate is revived, the round ends, or you die. If you’re interested in trying out this mode, you must be in a firefight team with one other member.

If you’re going to try out Crimson Doubles, be sure to check out Lord Shaxx’s all new quests and bounties. If you complete his quests, you’ll be getting some “Lovely Loot”. On top of the new mode and quests, the Eververse has been restocked with some new emotes.

If you’re still not sold on the idea of the event, you can check out the list of suggestions EGM has for the event.

  • Sometime after 10am PST, take a romantic and peaceful walk around the Tower. It’s going to be decorated in all the trappings of the holiday. Stroll up the flower petal-covered steps to the Speaker, and restate your vow to take care of the Darkness. Or Crota. Or whatever.
  • Buy him/her a little something shiny—like one of the new emotes from Eververse Trading Company. Throwing a little silver down shows them that they’re still special to you. Also, getting them a new emote can be as fun for you as it is for them!
  • True love has no better marker than by declaring that you trust your sweetheart over anyone else in battle. Enter Crimson Doubles PvP and mow down enemies together. Should the fates not be on your side, show your love by rocking the “Broken Heart” buff after they die.
  • Star-crossed lovers do best on a path, so keep your eyes peeled for the one quest associated with the event—Crimson Bonds. Like a horribly broken photo booth, this will remind you forever of your times together.


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