With Destiny’s latest event Crimson Days in full swing, players have found an easy way to farm loot drops in the new Crucible event.

Crimson Doubles is the Crucible variation for the Valentine’s Day themed event and it features a 2v2 multiplayer death match where players get a max boost once their partner is killed.

Bungie has said that players can look forward to Valentine’s themed ghost shells that drop at 320, but with matches that go first-to-five wins, a large chunk of time can go by without the guarantee of a drop.

Destiny players have found a way to speed up the process of finishing rounds by jumping off the map. That’s right, there are no suicide penalties for drops so players can finish rounds in as little as fifteen seconds. Granted if players use this method to farm drops their K/D ratio will plummet fast.

After Crimson Days, Bungie will be releasing a spring event that will increase the light cap and introduce new gear. Even though Destiny 2 was pushed out of 2016, gamers can expect to see a large expansion release this fall with Destiny 2 arriving sometime next year.

Source: VG247, via EGM

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