Gamers wait in anticipation as The Division comes closer to its release date. Soon, players will get the experience of trying to survive in New York City after a virus outbreak has spread across the world. Before the game comes out, however, you can see how an plague of this magnitude would affect your home town.

In a clever promotion for The Division, Ubisoft has made a collapse simulator that shows you what would happen if an outbreak began near you. You can put any address you want to begin. I myself tried my home address on Long Island and then an address in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a much denser population area. The outbreak on LI collapsed the world in 26 days, where as from Brooklyn, it only took 23. Either way, that seems to be around the range for most places you pick.

Go to the collapse simulator website yourself. See how long it takes you to collapse the world. The Division will be released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 8th.

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