Square Enix has revealed the details on Final Fantasy XIV‘s newest patch called Gears of Change.  They have also provided a handful of screenshots to get the fanbase just a little more excited. There are new main story quests as well as two new dungeons to explore: the Antitower and the City of Amdapor Hard.  The patch will also include a continuation of the Alexander raid known as Alexander: Midas, which will be available on Normal and Savage mode.  A new trial known as Containment Bay S1T7 will be available, both on Normal and Extreme.  The upcoming beast tribe daily quest will feature the Gnath, centering on what happens when a group of hive-minded individuals breaks away from the Onemind.

A new PvP mode known as Feast will also be released with this patch, which allows players to steal points from their opponents through their kills.

A training system called the Hall of the Novice, a set of challenges designated to train new players for party combat.  A mentoring system has been employed for the benefit of both veteran and newer players.

“‘Mentor’ is a special status for experienced players, who are only able to call themselves mentors after obtaining certain achievements and meeting certain criteria,” says producer and director Naoki Yoshida. “Mentors are players who support beginners who have just started their adventures in-game and answer their questions from the standpoint of a seasoned veteran. Mentorship is also a new element to help those who role play and to further enhance the player community.”

In addition, the minimap will have elevation differentiation, along with 4k resolution support.

Lastly, Orchestrion is a new system being brought in with the patch.  It will allow players to have a jukebox and play music in their houses, inns, private rooms.  Various songs can be unlocked through sheets obtained by defeating bosses.

Check out the screenshots below! You can also watch the trailer here.

Final Fantasy XIV: Gears of Change will be available February 23rd.

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