After Peter Molyneux left Microsoft he started his own studio, 22Cans, and gone to work. The latest game from the team, Godus, is a god game that lets players control a population to build, explore, and control the world around them. Now, things might get a bit more hectic.

In an unexpected update to the game, wars have been added to Godus. Adding an RTS element to it, players will have to use their god-like abilities to face off against another population in the world around them. For combat, the player can use traditional RTS strategies, as in using units as an army, their own God Powers, and some special power up cards. In this battle, only one can be the ultimate deity.

This update is Peter Molyneux’s first released work since a bad interview with Eurogamer almost made him retire. Godus Wars is available now on Steam.

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