This past week, people around the world celebrated the Chinese New Year. We have now entered the year of the monkey and are determined to make it great. The developers of Minecraft have also decided to celebrate, and they are helping players do the same.

A new set of skins is now available for Minecraft Pocket Edition and the Windows 10 Beta Edition. These skins surround the Chinese story of the Journey to the West. Of the 14 new skins available, Red Boy and Guanyin are the only ones available for free. The other 12, however, come all together in a pack that is only $1.99. These include the Monkey King, Jade Emperor, Black Wind Demon, and more. Sounds like a bargain to me.

No word yet on if this skin pack will come to other versions of Minecraft. If you have the Pocket Edition or the Windows 10 Beta Edition, you are part of the lucky few. Go enjoy those Journey to the West skins.

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