Though Call of Duty: Black Ops III patch 1.05 was detailed for PS4 last week, the PC and Xbox One versions have been detailed now as well. While bringing generally the same balance tweaks to all platforms, PC and Xbox One are also seeing long lists of exploits and bugs ironed out.

On every platform, the meat of the update centers around changes to guns, specialists, and even create-a-class characters. Many maps are being balanced, with changes to spawn logic, and numerous exploits being patched out.

On the Zombie side of things, while the PS4 version saw only minimal fixes, the PC and Xbox One versions saw substantial fixes, including updates in regards to Dead Ops Arcade 2. Both added 4-player local support along with leaderboards and game lobbies.

For all the specifics, be sure to check out the individual PS4, Xbox One, and PC patch notes.

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