More details have surfaced regarding Hitman’s episodic release, and the title will have an exclusive plot line for PlayStation 4 users.

In the age of exclusive content, Hitman will have an impressive 6 episode exclusive for the Sony system. The game will release as an episodic adventure, similar to that of Telltale’s release style. The game will be available for purchase in two different ways. With a season pass of $60, and individual episode purchases at $15 for the first, and $10 for each following episode.

The six additional episodes for PlayStation 4 users will be available on Day One, with the plotline being dubbed “The Director”. With multiple plot lines being released for the game, they apparently tell a much larger story when all inter-connected.

If you pre-ordered Hitman on PlayStation Network, you will recieve access to the beta one week before others, February 12th.

Hitman releases March 11th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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