Developer DICE announced that some smaller multiplayer servers for Battlefield 4 will be receiving a speed boost.

Servers on both PS4 and Xbox One that are for 32 players or less will now run at 45hz compared to the previous default rate of 30hz. This new speed will go into effect tomorrow, February 9th.

Designed to improve network delays of all games, there were “several” factors to consider before deciding the final speed.

“With the Holiday Update (released just before Holiday 2015) we included several features to improve upon these factors, both on the server load and bandwidth usage side. This enabled us to run several tests in which we filled up servers running various tickrates (45hz, 50hz, 55hz). After looking these results, we decided to go with the more cautious choice (45hz @ 32 players). Even though higher rates works pretty well for most players, we need to make sure this change affects all players in a positive way.”

For more, read the entire forum post right here.

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