Just a few days ago, Ubisoft’s The Division launched for a closed beta.

With the amount of excitement surrounding the beta, Ubisoft updated the forums and said they’d be extending the Beta until Tuesday, February 2nd at 12pm CET / 6am EST / 3am PST.

Yesterday, Ubisoft invited even more players to the closed beta. Attempting to keep the experience as smooth as possible, they’ve been inviting in waves. At this moment in time, they won’t have all of their servers live – so they can’t do a stress test.

A Community Manager posted on the forums regarding the topic, “Earlier today, we announced that we were now inviting as many players as possible from the waitlist, in addition to those who had guaranteed pre-order access. We’ve started sending invites, with priority given to those who signed up first.
In order to allow everyone who has access to fully enjoy the Beta, we’re happy to announce we’re extending the duration by 24h for all players.”

They ended the post by thanking the community for all their amazing support.

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