ARK: Survival Evolved just keeps getting bigger and better.

This week Studio Wildcard has updated the game to include Giant Beavers, also known as Castoroides Feliconcisor. (Which is unfortunately a fictional thing, I would of loved to see a skeleton of a Giant Beaver)

According to the description on the YouTube video, this will bring ARK up to version 236. As far as the Castorodies Feliconcisor’s go, they will be building dams like the modern Beaver. Because of this, they tend to hang out around water. Finding a dam that is unscathed will prove to be difficult, as many animals are large enough to trample their homes.

The Castoroides Feliconcisor is meant to be used as a crafting mount, as their small size can only carry limited objects.

You can also handcuff other users now, adding to the roleplaying element of ARK. You can take a look at the trailer for the Castoroides Feliconcisor down below, or on ARK’s YouTube page.


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