If you signed up for beta access and were sent an Xbox One beta token, you will be able to begin taking part in the closed beta for Homefront: The Revolution at 11AM PT on Thursday, February 11.

The beta is set to continue until 11:59:59 on Sunday, February 14 – what this means for you and your partner is nobodies business but your own (choose Homefront).

Deep Silver has stated that the test is exclusive to Xbox One in its entirety, so unfortunately for those of you on PC and PlayStation 4, you won’t be getting any last minute invites to participate. In the event that you missed out on a beta token, there may be some available through the Homefront website, here.

As per usual, with any beta, players are reminded that graphics, animations, textures and other aspects of the game may still appear unfinished – the focus is on testing the games servers and matchmaking systems.

Homefront: The Revolution releases on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One May 17.

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