As with any game, there are a few bad apples that try to gain advantage without doing all the work – The Division’s beta attracted a few. One of the devs behind the title has addressed the widespread cheating seen in the PC version and has assured players that fixes are being worked on to make sure things run smoothly upon the games launch.

Most of the issues caused have fallen within the games PvP arena, Dark Zone. According to Ubisoft community manager, these aren’t necessarily cheats as much as they are glitches that players have been exploiting to gain unfair advantages, such as unlimited ammunition or super-speed.

If you haven’t had a chance to participate in the beta yet, then there’s good news – it has been extended until Tuesday, February 2 at 3AM PT – the bad news is that the beta remains closed, so unless you have a key (which can be obtained by pre-ordering the title), you won’t have access. If you’re not wanting to pre-order, it’s rumoured a second beta test will be available in the future, so you may not have to wait until the March 8 release to spend some quality time with the game.

Did you encounter any cheaters in your travels? Let me know below!

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