The Witness is indie designer Jonathan Blow’s second game to hit the market. In only a week it has sold over 100,000 copies for roughly $5 million. With all of this early success, the open-world puzzle game could find its way onto more devices.

Since these estimated numbers for The Witness were revealed, it was reported that could possibly port to Xbox One, OS X, and Android. While none of this is confirmed, Jonathan Blow has said they they are all under consideration. More exciting news from this title’s triumph is the fact that it will lead to Blow and his team making more games in the future. As an independent developer, these things are not always guaranteed. If it helps to have more games like Braid and The Witness in the future, let it be ported to whatever consoles it possibly can.

The Witness is available now for PC and PS4, and is already set to come to iOS at a later date. Check out Gamespresso’s own review here.

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