Far Cry Primal has been out for over a month now. It is safe to assume that a large number of people have completed the game in that time. Seems like they could use a new challenge. Ubisoft is about to give them one and it may take them more than a month to complete.

Ubisoft has made a post to their blog announcing the addition of Survival Mode to Far Cry Primal. This mode will change the way players go about all features to the game, making everything a bit more challenging. In addition to this, there is the extreme option of adding permadeath. This means, as soon as you die once, the game is over. The only exception is vision dreams, which are not true deaths. These options can be added on any difficulty level, so don’t take it too lightly.

It was stated that anyone who completes Survival Mode on expert with permadeath on will result in a “special reward.” The free update adding this new feature will be released on April 12th. Far Cry Primal is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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