Previously announced to be making his way to Season 3 of Killer Instinct, the muscled Viking brute Tusk now has his own trailer, showing him in all his sword-swinging glory.

First having appeared in Killer Instinct 2 back in 1996, Tusk will be joining Kim Wu, Rash from Battletoads and Arbiter from Halo in the next wave of DLC coming to the fighter. Following the reveal that Tusk would be making his way into Season 3, Adam “Keits” Heart, Lead Combat Designer at Iron Galaxy Studio, explained, “He’s an immortal barbarian – a very, very old, very wise man.” And if wisdom isn’t enough, the massive claymore should be a good indication that he isn’t just messing around.

This most recent trailer comes after Arbiter received a similar treatment.

Out March 29th, Killer Instinct Season 3 is the third round of new characters, balancing, and content that has made its way to the free-to-play fighting game. Releasing on Xbox One and Windows 10, the DLC will have cross-play functionality between both platforms.

What do you think of Tusk? Do you think he’s man enough to kill that ‘pretend dragon’? how about go toe-to-toe with Arbiter? Let us know in the comments. As we learn more about the future of Killer Instinct, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso.

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