Ratchet & Clank is making its big return this April to PlayStation 4, and ahead of that release Insomniac Games has announced a majority of the trophies.

The game will be launching only a few weeks ahead of the movie. With the reboot game set for April 12th and the movie set to launch on April 29th, it’ll be a month filled with nostalgia.

Insomniac Games held back the hidden trophies that’ll spoil the story, and ask that those who unlock them “keep them to themselves”.

A few minor spoilers were given out, however. Racing trophies for both planets Rilgar and Kalebo have been revealed, as well as upgradeable weapons, and gadgets. Also mentioned in the trophies are holocards, gold bolts, telepathopus brains, and raritanium mods.

A lot of those items, along with their very sci-fi names, are generally used for trading; at least in previous Ratchet & Clank titles.

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