Overwatch pre-orders for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have started, with special exclusives for each console.

If you pre-order Overwatch on either console you will get the Noire Skin for the Widowmaker, as included with the origins edition for the PC. For PlayStation 4 users, pre-ordering will also get you theme for your console. Xbox One users will be entitled to 2 days of extra beta access.

The early access will begin on May 3rd and 4th, after that the open beta will take place from May 5-9. That gives players who have pre-ordered on Xbox One or PC 6 days of game time before the game releases on May 24th.

Overwatch is Blizzard’s newest IP, releasing as a modern fantasy FPS. The game features Team Fortress 2 style character swapping, forcing you to try out (and hopefully excel at) all of the characters. Any progression in the game will be purely cosmetic, and the release date was confirmed earlier this month.

Like all Blizzard games, Overwatch characters are making their way over to Heroes of the Storm; with Tracer arriving in April.

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