The first DLC character for Street Fighter V was released merely days ago and the trailer below was released along with it! Showing off all of Alex’s abilities including the familiar Flying Cross Chop and Flash Chop.

There’s been some design changes including red suspenders, black boots and a red shirt tied to his waist. In terms of abilities, his V-Skill is called Overhaul, which charges his next attack with a ‘counter hit’ effect. If it misses or is blocked, the damage reverts to normal. Alex’s V-Trigger is called Rage Shift which acts like the focus attack in Street Fighter IV. Alex charges up a swing where he can parry a hit, after it fully charges, the attack can break blocks and allow for a follow up.

Alex is one of the many DLC characters planned for SF5. Each month will see the inclusion of one more DLC character. Alex can be brought with either Fight Money obtained by playing the game or Zenny, the premium currency bought with real money. Alex is easily purchasable by completing all current character’s prologue story modes.

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