The Pokemon Company has been celebrating Pokemon’s 20th anniversary by giving out Mythical Pokemon every month. Now, a new event has started, and it allows players to download the Mythical Pokemon, Jirachi.

Until April 24th, Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire players will be able to download Jirachi through a Nintendo Network event. Jirachi will come at level 100, and will know the moves Wish, Confusion, and Rest.

Pokemon fans will also be able to pick up Pokemon TCG: Mythical Pokemon Collection – Jirachi starting today. The set features a pin and a promo card of the legendary Pokemon. Participating Toys”R”Us stores will also be stocking a limited edition 8″ Jirachi plush, as well as a 2″ figure of the Pokemon.

The Jirachi event is a part the 20th anniversary celebration for the Pokemon series. Throughout the year, Nintendo will be giving out mythical Pokemon, with Darkrai being available to players next month. Nintendo has also announced that the next games in the core series, Pokemon Sun and Moon, will release later this year.


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