Following up on their promises to season pass owners, Fallout 4’s newest DLC Far Harbor received a bit of developer commentary regarding its creation and purpose. It is currently available now and adds a whole new extended landmass- the biggest there has ever been for the series. Far Harbor sees the players head into Maine which offers more characters, conflicts and dangerous enemies.

The new DLC is intended for players who have ventured reasonably far within the game. It promises insanely strong enemies who mutated during the Fallout, creating even more dangerous creatures like the Angler and Gulpers. Players who wish to delve into the story rich Maine landscape had best be armed to the teeth when they tackle it. Fret not if you’re an avid treasure hunter, you’ll be able to find many new weapons and pieces of armor including the new Harpoon gun and Marine Combat Armor, boasted for being the most protective gear in the game, more than the fusion-cell power armor.

Far Harbor is available now for all season pass owners. For people who don’t have it, you can pick it up from the console respective online game distributors.

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