A remake of the classic Commodore Amiga title with the same name, Shadow of the Beast has been in full development by extremely passionate fans of the game over at Heavy Spectrum. A love letter to the original source material, the team pulled the game into the modern world in a beautiful environment while retaining its brutal gameplay. Heavy Spectrum has enlisted the help of Martin Edmonson and Roger Dean, two veterans of the scene who worked on the original title back in 1989.

The video talks about the history and how the game came to be, and how the two veteran developers started work on the original (and subsequently the remake) game. Matt Birch, the CEO of the company also teased that the game will have certain easter eggs that players could find. Such as an original copy from the Commodore Amiga within in the game.

The remake to Shadow of the Beast will be available on PlayStation 4 on May 17th.

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