Overwatch officially launches today – but one piece is still missing: competitive mode.

This mode of the game was taken out last minute after the game’s closed beta in order to give the team more time to perfect it, leading to it becoming the game’s first big content update when it does arrive sometime in June.

“Our first big content update for Overwatch will be competitive mode,” said game director Jeff Kaplan during a live Facebook Q&A session. “My rough commitment—or not commitment—[for the update] would be some time to the middle to end of June.”

Players fearing it may be even longer can rest assured that the mode isn’t too far after Kaplan stated that “We already have it in internally, and in fact were playing it this weekend.”

If you’re not already playing Overwatch today, you can read our review where we said, “Despite the flaws, Overwatch is a must pick up for any FPS or Blizzard fan. The charming imbalance found within Overwatch is classic Blizzard, and it’s doubtful that it’ll ever be truly balanced. But then again, what game has ever been actually balanced? With that in mind, It’s exciting to see the future potential that the game holds, and I’m hopeful that each addition of a new hero will be rightfully placed in the game(no micro-transactions, please) and fit in well with the current aesthetic.”

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