Bungie is hoping to make the process of finding a Fireteam in Destiny easier than ever. Though a few of the game modes support matchmaking, not all of them do. To find allies, players use the group finder in the Destiny Companion App. And to help smooth that out, Bungie is giving the system a new coat of paint.

“Whether it lives on your desktop or in the palm of your hand, the Destiny Companion is your fully operational battle station,” the developer explains.

The recruitment forum group finder has been in the app since the beginning, “but it’s traditionally been a chaotic wall of potential Fireteams. We’ve had some ideas for how that could work better, and we’ve been executing on them. Very soon, we’ll be enhancing our forum with new ways to form up and roll out into the Solar System.”

As can be seen in the screenshots above, the new set up will be much cleaner, showing immediately the platform, activity, and number of available spots. There will even be filters to find the groups you want to join, and Bungie is looking to make it much more simple to create your own group.

While players will still have to find each other on PSN or Xbox Live, the initial contact will hopefully be less of a hassle. Look for the new update to roll out for the Destiny Companion sometime next week.

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