Earlier in the week, if you were fortunate enough to sign up for the beta field test for Pokemon Go and were in North America, you may have received an email to participate in the test. For everyone else, there’s always the patient waiting game. The states is one of the newest countries to participate in the test along with Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality app that allows players to roam the real world and scour for Pokemon. While the game is still in beta, Niantic is still determined to keep adding more content to make the game even more enjoyable. Currently, the game is slated to have capturing, Pokemon eggs and gym battles. One of the most prominently missing features is the ability to battle against other players.

The game is interesting and would serve to be the ‘killer app’ if it is done correctly. Right now, the concept is extremely promising, but certain features including live trainer battles and leveling Pokemon need to be implemented before Niantic can win the audience’s favor.

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