Hideo Kojima may be one of the most talked about people in the gaming industry right now. After his leave from Konami, the Metal Gear creator went on a long trip to see filmmakers and other developers. This helped him to sort out how to make his perfect team.

One thing that he felt after his journey is that small is better. “I want to keep the staff less than 100 people.” This is what his translator told the reporters in an interview with Gamereactor. He stated that Kojima Productions would have a large and fully functional kitchen. He saw too many coffee makers and microwaves on his trip around the world. It would be even better if he also added a chef.

Let us hope that the small staff and big kitchen leads to a happy and great working team. Kojima has stated that their first title will be a big budget game exclusively for PS4. Here’s to hoping it turns out amazing.

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