It’s been thrown around that PlayStation 4 would be getting an upgraded version in the future. How distant that is may have been spoiled by French game distributor Innelec Multimedia. The company sent out press release messages to several people who have gone ahead and taken the liberty of translating it. In it, it was revealed that the upgrade would be coming in the first half of the fiscal year. Implying sometime in September.

“The 2016/2017 current year should be marked for the video game world by the arrival on the first half of our fiscal year, an evolution of the Sony PS4 PS4 [sic] console with the Neo 4K with new features…”

The company has since retracted their statement in their press release, and have gone on to claim they had ‘no information’ regarding this device.

“Innelec denies any official information about the launch of a PS4K Neo. It is possible that during the 2016/2017 fiscal developments exist on the current PS4 for the moment we have no information about the nature of them”

Whether or not the claims are true or part of the damage control effort, it does tie in with the PlayStation VR release window of October. Whether or not the upgrade will be available before the virtual reality device, it seems to be built to enhance the hardware.

Sony has not made a statement regarding the leak yet, but time will reveal how correct this slip up might be.

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