Over on the official League of Legends site, a short story titled ‘The Bird and the Branch“. In it, the story of Taliyah the female stone mage undergoes a journey to discover her powers and meets up with the familiar Yasuo, the swordsman. Together, the two of them set on a journey for home.

Her introduction comes at a time where Riot had announced that they would be reworking the functionality of mages within the game in the upcoming mid-season update. While it is only speculation that Taliyah would be release some time then, there has been no formal confirmation as to when exactly.

For the last few hero releases, Riot has really placed lore into the forefront. Ekko who had the heart-wrenching comic to celebrate his arrival into the game. With the insane amount of characters in the game, Taliyah will be the 29th Mage-type character in the game.

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