The release date for ‘Ace Attorney 6’ or Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice is coming in fast for Japan. In the meanwhile, Capcom wanted to get everyone on the same page. Ever since the first trailer was released, a strange new mechanic was introduced. It has been dubbed ‘Séance vision’, and the latest trailer shows it off in a bit more detail.

The general gist of this mechanic is that, because of the High Priestess’s heavily attuned senses, she can have a séance that allow her to use a water mirror to show the dying moments of a victim. This sets up the first case of the game where Phoenix Wright steps in to defend the accused in a ‘lawyerless’ court system. The trailer shows off how to deal with this séance system, where the player will have to look for contradictions in the mirror and the High Priestess’s insights.

So far, it looks partially similar to the mechanic to the mood matrix introduced in Ace Attorney 5, but with a frighteningly more definitive ‘witness’. Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice is released in Japan as of June 9th and across the world in September of this year.

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