Coming out of seemingly nowhere, Nioh, Team Ninja’s own take on From Software’s ‘Souls’ formula was met with extremely favorable reviews and praises. That said, it wasn’t 100% flawless and Team Ninja knows this. That’s why, they’ve asked for feedback from the player base.

One of the biggest changes is the beginning ‘tutorial’ area and how it needed to be a bit more reasonable. There will now be a more obvious tutorial sequence that will allow new players to get a gist of how to play the game. Another big change is the removal of the ‘durability’ stat on weapons and armor pieces. Allowing players to play a tad more recklessly. Otherwise, the game has a bunch of smaller tweaks and changes to some of the combat, UI and various other mechanics in order to create an even better experience in the final product.


On a worldwide scale, these were the general thoughts regarding the various faucets of the game. As you can see, the majority found the game a generally positive experience. A very promising chart when it comes to seeing more games in the same vein as the Souls game take into the limelight. Nioh is set for release on the PlayStation 4, with no solidified date yet.

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