For Cliff Bleszinski and Gamespresso readers,

It was brought to my attention recently that an article was published with the title of “Cliff Bleszinski leaving gaming to be a daddy?”.

While the article itself brought into question the future that Cliff Bleszinski has in the video game industry, Bleszinski was quite clear in the original interview with Gamespot that he’s got at least one or two more games in him.

He later went on to discuss the love of his kids, citing that they are a “lot of work”. Nowhere in the interview did Bleszinski state that in the forseeable future he was considering leaving game development, and for that I apologize.

Christopher Graf, author of the original article, has provided a statement.

“As the writer of this article, I would just like to personally apologize to Cliff Bleszinski, his wife, and all of my readers at Gamespresso. I hope the content of the article proves that I have the utmost respect for Mr. Bleszinski and his multitude of work, even being a personal inspiration of mine by delving into game development at such a young age. I can assure you I do not take my position as Editor at Gamespresso for granted and I will keep my work up to the high standard it should be.

Sincerely, Christopher Graf.”

It is not the intention of Gamespresso to rely on clickbait articles for our viewership. We wish to provide readers with an informative, and integral look into the gaming industry. The article’s title has been modified to ‘Cliff Bleszinski is having too much fun to retire’ but otherwise left in it’s original form for the viewers to read and form their own opinions on.

You can still read the original article here.

I’d like to extend an apology towards Cliff Bleszinski and the readers of Gamespresso, and will attempt to remain more vigilant towards titles such as this in the future as a way of making amends to the parties involved.

Alana Fearnall
Editor-in-Chief of Gamespresso

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