With all the buzz and excitement of Overwatch, don’t forget there are more games trying to butt into the limelight. Such as Epic Games’s upcoming MOBA Paragon. The team have revealed their newest character, a familiar ‘hook’ based character. Yes, Riktor serves Paragon’s role as the genre’s ‘hook’ character, much like DotA 2’s Pudge, Heroes of the Storm’s Stitch and Overwatch’s Roadhog. The subtle difference still makes Riktor more unique than his other game counterparts.

Naturally, Riktor can send out his electric chains to grab enemies and pull them towards him. Other than that, he can use these chains to deal heavy melee damage and eventually use his ultimate ability ‘Skewer’. As demonstrated in the trailer, Riktor spews chains all over his bodies in a large area around him and cause devastating damage with an additional stun effect.

Paragon is still in early alpha with Riktor being available on the 31st of May. Paragon will be playable on the PlayStation 4 and PC. Also for the sake of peace of mind, I know Overwatch isn’t exactly a MOBA, but I’ll still use Roadhog as my example!

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