Combining an endless runner with quick, arcade racing (and an extreme dislike of traffic), Road Racing is the latest title from T-Bull games.

A spiritual sequel to the developers previous Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing, T-Bull co-founder Damian Fijałkowski explains, “When developing Road Racing, we set for ourselves very high standards that required for us to blend our racing genre expertise with the feedback collected from our fans. By listening to the players and drawing upon our technical resources, we forged a racing experience second to none for mobile devices.”

With online leaderboards, randomized tracks, car tuning, and even police chases, Road Racing is free and available now on iOS. An Android version is currently set to follow in June, with Windows and Blackberry versions of the game promised for the future.

“Standing in traffic was never an option. Unleash high-octane arcade action on a ticket-earning rampage,” the game’s description reads.

In other mobile news, Vinson Films announced they are making a film based on the popular game Fruit Ninja. Although the movie has producers and writers signed on, there is no word on when it might actually release. For more mobile game news, keep checking back right here on Gamespresso.

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