The Creative Assembly’s first venturing outside of traditional history for their Total War series has broken a new record.

While total War: Warhammer only released earlier last week, the title has already sold over half a million copies. This makes the only fiction-based Total War game also the fastest selling Total War game on Steam.

Total War: Warhammer has already proven itself as a runaway commercial success and more importantly we know our players are really enjoying the game,” Studio Director, Tim Heaton, said. “We have been regularly topping 100k concurrent players.

Heaton also discussed some of what the team at The Creative Assembly did to ensure such a positive launch.

“The team paid particular attention to stability and performance throughout the game’s development and thoroughly enjoyed creating new ways to play Total War within Games Workshop’s stunning Warhammer Fantasy world. We’re very proud of it, and it’s wonderful to see the game receiving such a great reception from critics, Total War veterans and new players alike.”

Anyone looking to purchase Total War: Warhammer before May 31st will also receive the Chaos Race Warrior Pack for free, DLC that originally was only offered as a pre-order bonus.

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