Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIV’s latest update, Revenge of the Horde.

In the trailer, we get a glimpse at some of the content that will be included in the patch. This includes new main scenario quests, a 24-player raid, two new dungeons, and the Aquapolis treasure dungeon.

Details about the Aquapolis dungeon were given earlier this week. There is a 20% chance that the dungeon will appear when completing Dragonskin Treasure Maps. In the Aquapolis dungeon, players have to battle through numerous rooms in order to unlock increasingly rare treasure. In order to gain access to the next room, players have to choose the right door. If the wrong door is chosen, the party will be kicked out of the dungeon.

Revenge of the horde will also include new crafting and gathering items, new gear, new Hildibrand quests, and the next part in the Anima weapon questline.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Revenge of the Horde will be released on June 7th.

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