Wild Arms 3 will be releasing on the PlayStation 4.

Sony confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that the PS2 RPG is coming to the PlayStation 4. “Experience Wild Arms 3 on PS4,” the Blog’s description reads. “Desolate wastelands and eroded memories are the remains of a dying world. Sparse settlements provide protection from the harsh environments. Few dare to roam beyond the town’s boundaries. The ones that do are proclaimed ‘Drivers.’ The ones that survive are heralded as legendary.”

Wild Arms 3 releases on the PlayStation 4 on May 17th. The title will feature improved resolution and 28 trophies. The game originally released on the PlayStation 2 in North America in October 2002. Wild Arms 3 takes place on the desolate planet of Filgaia from the Wild Arms series. The title follows four adventurers who find themselves chosen to wield the power of the planet’s spiritual protectors, the Guardians, as they try to stop a prophesied yet unknown menace to their world.

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