Free-to-play MMO APB Reloaded has been soft launched on the Xbox One.

“The team here at Reloaded Games are happy to officially announce that APB Reloaded will be generally available as an Xbox One download starting June 3, 2016,” Reloaded Games stated. “The game will remain in a ‘Soft Launch’ mode for the first 30 days (which mostly means it will have limited public announcements other than the formal launch announcement from the Publisher). During this 30 day period we encourage all current and former PC players to try the game and to give us feedback that we can incorporate into the upcoming updates.

“What we are doing now is very similar to how a ‘Monetized Open Beta’ or ‘Soft Launch’ normally works in the PC F2P world. Consoles do not quite have those same procedures given the large amount of overhead involved in launching a console game, but we are following a process quite similar to how other F2P PC to Console conversions were launched recently (for example how SMITE was launched last year on Xbox One, and its current limited launch on PS4).”

To thank players for testing the game, the developer is giving out “Founders” tags and skins to those who put in more than 10 hours into the game before the first patch (or 30 days after launch, whichever comes first). Players will also be able to pay real money for G1C, an in-game currency that can be used on new weapons, vehicles, clothing, customization items, and more.

APB Reloaded is available on PC and Xbox One. Reloaded Games is planning to release the title on the PlayStation 4 after releasing the first Xbox One patch.

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