EA has been rather generous lately, giving away a fair amount of DLC for Battlefield 4 and Hardline for free in anticipation of their next entry into the franchise, Battlefield 1, in October. This month EA is offering gamers the Battlefield 4 Second Assault pack.

In the expansion, players get the chance to play four updated versions of Battlefield 3 maps: the fan favourite Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, Operation Firestorm and Operation Métro. The expansion also includes the game mode Capture the Flag, five new weapons, two new vehicles, five new trophies/achievements and 10 new assignments. For full details on the contents of the pack you can check out the Battlefield 4 Wiki.

Battlefield 4 Second Assault, previously $14.99, is available for free on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. A limited time offer, the deal is only good through June 28th. Once the offer expires the DLC will go back to full price like the previous DLC before it.

As part of the continuing Road to Battlefield, DICE is also hosting community challenges for Battlefield 4 and Hardline. These challenges ask that everyone works together to achieve a goal, giving everyone rewards for your collective hard work. The goal this time round, is called “Revives.” As the name suggests, the community needs to collectively score 25,000,000 revives to get a Gold Battlepack. The challenge is active now and runs through June 27 at 9AM PT.

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