We already know that Mass Effect Andromeda will be bringing back the Mako. However, to help make sure that the vehicle drives much smoother this time around, the developer is getting help from the experts of another EA franchise.

“So that’s all going to get fixed,” BioWare general manager Aaron Flynn told GamesRadar. “When we thought about bringing the Mako back, we said: ‘We can’t bring the Mako back as an iteration of the Mako. It has to be a high quality experience that compares well to any driving simulation by doing that.'”

To help make sure that happens, BioWare enlisted the help of Ghost Games, the developers of the recent Need for Speed, to help make sure Andromeda’s driving feels good. “One really fortuitous thing is that, because so many other teams are on Frostbite now, the Need for Speed folks had done a couple of games on Frostbite at that point,” states Flynn.

“They were more than happy to lend a hand and offer advice and guidance to our developers to make sure that the Mako, when we actually get it all done, drives and plays great. It doesn’t feel like you have those many, many edge cases the Mako in [the first Mass Effect] had where you could do crazy stuff with it. So that won’t be there, knock on wood.”

Mass Effect Andromeda will release in early 2017. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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