Capcom has issued an apology to Street Fighter V fans for their lack of communication, and opened up about some of the recent changes to the title.

“We’ll be the first to admit that we can improve our communication with the community, in terms of where our priorities lie around the game and status updates,” Capcom stated in a blog post. “We plan to change that in the coming weeks and months and will work quickly to address topics that come up in the community as best we can.”

The first issue that Capcom addressed concerned the latest DLC character, Ibuki. The character was meant to release at the end of May, but ended up being pushed back into June.

“The first thing we want to address is the release of our next DLC character, Ibuki. We had originally aimed to release her in the last week of May, but in order to provide the best experience possible for our players, we decided to postpone her. We are doing our best to release the content in the last week of June.”

“We apologize to our players all over the globe for not communicating this change to our release schedule sooner. While we planned to talk about the timing of her release this week, it’s clear that we should have been more upfront with everyone on the shift in timing.”

In the blog post, Capcom also touched on two other issues that gamers were experiencing. The developer stated that they have heard reports of input delay and are looking into the issue. They also brought up the issue of rage quitting, which has been plaguing Street Fighter V since the game released. Capcom reported that their latest solution to the issue has brought down the amount of players who disconnect during matches down by 60%.

Street Fighter V is available on PC and PlayStation 4.

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