Takashi Tokita, one of the directors on the SNES JRPG Chrono Trigger, would be in support of a full remake for the classic title.

Tokita recently told Game Informer in an interview that he would love to see a remake for the game if given the chance.

“Personally, if there is ever an opportunity, I would love to see a high-quality, high-end version of Chrono Trigger,” Tokita said. “Or a movie production, or something of the sort.”

He added that some fans may feel Chrono Trigger is almost ‘untouchable’ by a company such as Square Enix, due to its existence prior to the merge of companies Square and Enix.

“It’s probably considered sacred since the companies merged,” he says. “It was essentially a dream mix between Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest; creating or exceeding what it was in its original form is a very difficult feat.”

Tokita currently works at Square Enix, who is working on the full-fledged remake of Final Fantasy VII.

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