The Division is Ubisoft’s latest game that they’ve been catering to, despite the issues when the game first launched… And whenever it updates.

With The Division’s latest DLC, Underground releasing on June 28th, it was about time that Ubisoft announced when the next DLC will be arriving. For those of you waiting for Survival, the DLC launches this September.

Although more details are coming out soon, Julian Gerighty, Ubisoft’s Creative Direcotr, said that “In it, you’ll struggle to find meager supplies in New York and fight to survive in some of the most brutal weather conditions imaginable,” He later went on to say that “It’s a completely new way of playing the game.”

Are you still playing The Division? If not, with the new DLC coming out, will you be returning? Take a look at the trailer and let us know in the comments.

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