Bethesda’s big Elder Scrolls MMORPG has been steadily inclining in both content and quality ever since its rocky release. At E3, not only was the Dark Brotherhood DLC shown for consoles, but a new feature will be implemented into the game called ‘One Tamriel’.

Basically, One Tamriel will completely do away with level progression blockers. Allowing players to do any and all quests, jumping in with friends as soon as possible. The world will adjust accordingly to the player and will not be hindered for both veteran or newcomers. That said, this will only effect PvE areas of the world, the PvP areas will remain in tact.

The One Tamriel feature will be available in an update later on this Fall. The Dark Brotherhood DLC will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this Tuesday on June the 14th. The PC version of Elder Scrolls Online is already currently playing through the Dark Brotherhood DLC.

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