GOG.com, a subsidiary distribution platform of CD Projekt Red, has introduced its new service, GOG connect.

The service will allow players to sync all games that they already own on Steam so that they don’t have to buy them twice. In addition to that, the games will be all be held in one place for convenience. “Today, we’re hyped to reveal GOG Connect! Add your Steam games to your DRM-free library,” GOG posted on Twitter.

The service currently holds a library of 22 importable titles including Mount And Blade, The Witness, and Braid. These games will not be around forever though. Developers must opt into the service, and their availability will eventually expire. More titles will be added to the service in time.

Steam users hoping to synchronize their games can already do so. You must have both a GOG and Steam account. Users will be asked to sign in with their Steam accounts via GOG. Users with multiple Steam accounts should note that you may only link one of them, and the link is permanent.

All titles on GOG are DRM free, making them easier to access in multiple ways. You can find the full list of transferrable titles on the service’s website.